Our Mission

We share The good news that God is unconditional love expressing as the Christ Consciousness in each person.

Our Vision

Transformed Lives… Transforming the World!

Our Affirmation

Unity of Richmond is abundantly blessed. Creative people are drawn to us. Divine ideas flow through us. Financial resources bless us. And with God as our Source, we accomplish mighty works together.

What we believe…

God (Spirit, Source, Creator, the Divine) is the one power and one presence everywhere
present. The Divine is Omniscience, Omnipresence and Omnipotence.
We are spiritual beings, having a spiritual experience in the human condition. Each individual is
on a spiritual journey seeking peace, joy and love in every relationship.
We create our life experiences through our way of thinking, feeling and acting.
We find our power to manifest and demonstrate through meditation and affirmative prayer.
When we live these spiritual principles, we will take positive action for progressive change.

We demonstrate this through our values...

Love: To agree and disagree through love provides understanding and spiritual growth.

Life: Through spiritual teaching and practice, Unity helps individuals live consciously and create
meaning and purpose through their live experiences. We strive to follow the theme, “Know

Growth: Members of Unity RVA seek and value personal growth. We are open, accepting,
curious and interested in living life fully. We know “The Truth Will Set You Free.”

Vulnerability: Unity RVA creates a safe environment for personal growth that enhances
relationships and allows everyone to awaken to their potential as spiritual beings.

Oneness: Members of Unity RVA recognize that we are global citizens and part of one human
family. Therefore, we care for our each other and our world. We are committed to making a
positive difference locally, nationally and globally.