Carol LePiere – Chair

My Vision:  hold the truth that Unity of Richmond is financially stable and prosperous with members and attendees that support Unity with their time and talent and treasures.

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David Van Horn – Vice Chair

My Vision: My vision is that we will grow through the usage of social media-sharing our message of love, unity and spiritual growth as we target the college population in Richmond.

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Edy Bouldin – Secretary 

My mission is to serve as we move to a church without walls and

serve our community within and the community beyond our walls by celebrating Spirit in our lives.

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Mike Shelton – Treasurer

My Vision : My vision is to see Unity of Richmond as a “church without walls” consistently tithing 10% of our monthly income.

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Heather Orum – Director at Large 

 My Vision: I see a clear vision unfolding as we trust spirit to guide us as leadership shifts, new fresh energy emerges. we can choose to begin anew, building on the loving foundation already set. I see Unity of Richmond thriving with God’s children living as a community.

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Ed Roarty – Director at Large

My vision: is to have more focus on the core mission of our spiritual community. 

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