Carol LePiere – Chair

Professional Background:
I am a licensed Occupational Therapist since 1985.  I have worked with adults in rehabilitation, nursing homes, and work with children and adolescents in a hospital setting. I run a stress management, relaxation group
and also a life skills and cooking group. I am responsible for writing reports for treatment plans and managing a wide variety of diagnoses and disabilities to get them to their most functional level possible.

Unity Experience:
I joined Unity of Richmond in 1996.  I have prior experience on the board and served as board president.  I have attended many classes at Unity of Richmond over the years for my spiritual growth and development.  I served as chair for the Women of Unity group and co- founded our Prayer Chaplains program in 2001. I have served as co-chair and chair for 18 years.

Hold the truth that Unity of Richmond is financially stable and prosperous with members and attendees that support Unity with their time and talent and treasures.

David Van Horn – Vice Chair

Professional Background:
BS in Business Administration from Concord College. Past Manager of several major retailers in Richmond and presently with CVS. Was awarded Manager of the Year in several of those positions.

Unity Experience:
I have attended Unity of Richmond for the past 17 years and became a member in 2008. I attend SEE classes and Faith Life services. I have volunteered with Caritas and continue to be involved with the Unity of Richmond’s Men of Unity.

My vision is that we will grow through the use of social media, sharing our message of love, unity and spiritual growth as we target the college population in Richmond. Our church will continue to share the message of inclusion as we meet the spiritual needs of our population. I support increased effort in exploring ways to retain first-comers to our church.

Edy Bouldin – Secretary

I am Dr. Edythe Bouldin and Unity of Richmond has been my home for over 15 years. Over the
years, I have had many volunteer opportunities to serve, including board member, outreach team,
green team, chaplain, and filling in where needed. My Unity background also includes taking
most foundational Spiritual Education and Enrichment courses where I enhanced my spiritual
awakening and enlightenment. My mission is to serve as we move to a church without walls and
serve our community within and the community beyond our walls by celebrating Spirit in our

Mike Shelton – Treasurer

Professional Background:
Law/mediation practice at CPL Associates, Inc. in Richmond for many years.  In the greater community, he has participated in both global and local outreach programs to support the underserved.

Unity Experience:
I became introduced to New Thought teachings through Emmet Fox.  Since then, I have experienced personal prosperity and ways to live from Principle in my own life.  I joined Unity of Richmond in 2005 and have participated in many classes, taught 4-T Prosperity Classes for 3 years, Co-Sponsored our Capital Campaign and Pathway to Payoff, as well as been actively involved in Facilities, Prosperity, Outreach and Landscaping Teams.

My vision is to see Unity of Richmond as a “church without walls” consistently tithing 10 percent of our monthly income, which is something we have not been consistently doing of late. My vision is to change that.

Heather Orum – Director at Large

Unity Experience:
As a member of Unity of Tustin, I experienced a loving and seamless transition of ministers I have unique perspective and investment as a part of music ministry to take care of our staff and volunteers. I have been in the choir since 2014, a worship team leader since 2017, and a prayer chaplain since 2014

We are in the midst of a mighty shift. Individually we have recently been called to go deep and determine who we are and how we want our community to function. I see a clear vision unfolding as we trust spirit to guide us as leadership shifts, new fresh energy emerges. we can choose to begin anew, building on the loving foundation already set. I see Unity of Richmond thriving with God’s children living as a community.

A little About:
Heather L. Orum, is a self-proclaimed hippie, having spent her first 30 years on this planet growing up in Southern California. You will most likely find her barefoot, singing her heart out in gratitude and praise for our innate god-ness and loving nature. She loves animals with her entire being and is privileged to nurture five feline healers. Sedona, Arizona, is her happy place. She wishes she could cuddle all the big cats.