Dear Friends of Unity --

Summer 2020 begins June 21 tst. It promises to be a summer like none other we have ever
experienced. How ready are we?
Since COVID-19 emerged on our country’s soil this past Spring, we have been creating a new
norm for how we show up, communicate, learn, work, worship, and, in essence, maintain our
overall health. Be smart, be cautious.
Abrubtly, we experienced a “Tipping Point” that riveted throughout the entire world witnessing
the tragic death of George Floyd via media coverage as he was arrested and killed in police
custody right before our very eyes. This scene shocked us, saddened us and sobered us. It
brought to a head the racial injustices of systemic racism in the U.S.
And then suddenly, to add insult to injury, another tragic death took place in Atlanta. Rayshard
Brooks, an African-American man, was shot in the back by a policeman as he attempted to run
from them after an unfortunate twists of events.
Since then, it has been a time of grieving. Continuous and peaceful mass demonstrations have
actively called out for change.
Yes, these are extraordinary times. When I listen and hear my Black friends, I feel their pain
and understand they are speaking from the realism and personal experience of being cruelly
mistreated no matter their socio-economic status, their education or their careers. They are
being mistreated because they are Black.
It is my hope that we will understand the pain of the black community and courageously face
America’s shadow of racial divisiveness by living our vision of “Transformed Lives, Transforming
the World.” I invite you to refer to our educational page of key resources. These
resources offer the opportunity to be a catalyst for meaningful change in America today. If you
have additional recommended resources to add to this page, please contact me at
In love and light,
Rev. Richard