Barbara Hess

Barbara is a Licensed Unity Teacher becoming credentialed in 2013. She has been a member of Unity of Richmond for over 32 years.  She has been involved in program development at many levels throughout these years. She is also credentialed in yoga sciences to include: Svaroopa Vidya Meditation instructor, Embodyment Therapist and Certified Foundational pose instructor. Svaroopa Vidya is sanskrit meaning the experiential knowing of your Capital S SELF.  This  aligns with Unity’s Christ and Meditation principles.    She brings her enthusiasm and dedicated study of Unity and Yoga material to the classroom. She is a dedicated practitioner of  daily prayer, meditation, japa (mantra repetition) study of spiritual material and seva (volunteer work offered to God). In honoring the divinity in each individual, her teaching style is experiential as well as educational, engaging, and interactive. When teaching she is prepared with a wealth of resources and brings compassion, zeal, humor and  her own experiential understanding of the material to the classroom.

Fred Hess

He has served on numerous teams.  He co-chaired our Capital Campaign which provided the renovation and addition to our spiritual home.  He has served on our Board of Directors as Treasured and Chair.  He is dedicated to sharing the Unity message as a speaker, teacher, and ministerial student.

He is a pharmacist, husband, and father who has 25 years of service at Unity of Richmond.  His service includes being on the Board, Finance Team, Prosperity Team, and as Youth sponsor/teacher.