CommUnity Yoga Preschool

A unique “living yoga,” child-led learning environment

Welcome to our CommUnity Yoga Preschool

This is the place you’ve been looking for that aligns with a lifestyle that embraces a nature-based education infused with mindfulness yoga practices and lifestyle. This is where your little human gets to explore organically the wonders of their mind in a child-led classroom. This is where the woods is as much their classroom as the one inside. Living yoga means your child is learning to be their best selves; compassionate, honest, ethical, kind, and loving to all including themselves. In our daily schedule we incorporate not only hatha yoga and breathing but mindful action, thought and word. Weaving science, Spanish, storytelling, songs, and imagination into every day. All families are invited to join in monthly gatherings like pot luck dinners, family hikes or picnics. We will also offer inspiring parent programs. As this is a preschool for your whole child, it is also a CommUnity that includes the whole family. Welcome

All are included * All are welcome * All are celebrated.

“The child is endowed with unknown powers, which can guide us to a radiant future. If what we really want is a new world, then education must take as its aim the development of these hidden possibilities.”  Maria Montesorri

Our Daily Schedule

Emergent Seasonal Curriculum

The program is exempt from licensure as a religious organization, owned and operated by Unity of Richmond Church.  We still receive regular inspections from the VDOE Office of Child Care Licensing to ensure we are always following proper health and safety measures. This is a non-religious preschool; we embrace all cultures and all faiths in an all inclusive way.

Contact Nitya Griffith, Director at 804-678-8568


  • How many students and teachers will participate? Our capacity is 24 and our minimum is 15, at 15 we will have 2 full time and 1-2 part time teachers, at 24 we will have 2 – 3 full time teachers and 1-2 part time teachers.
  • Will my child have a nap ? You will see that a yoga nidra rest time is built into every day.
  • How will the program be accredited and or licensed? The program is exempt for licensure as a religious organization, owned and operated by Unity of Richmond Church
  • The contract references part day, regular day, and extended day. Yes, the tier structure for the enrollment is set up for full time students and there is an option for part time as well. The Supporter pays a bit more to allow for Scholarship students to attend, Supporter can opt for extended day at no additional cost. The Sustainer rate has both a regular day and extended day option with an added cost.
  • How will you handle behavioral issues like hitting, pushing, bullying, or sharing? Compassionate conversation, breathing exercises, and other yogic practices.
  • What is your potty training policy? All students should be potty trained.
  • Is there a nurse to take care of minor health issues ? No, but there will always be a CPR-First Aid trained teacher available and a stocked first aid kit.


SUSTAINER EXTENDED DAY – with processing fee –     $1236
SUSTAINER REGULAR DAY – with processing fee –    $927
SUPPORTER – with processing fee –    – $1390
SCHOLARSHIP – with processing fee –   $773
3 FULL DAYS A WEEK – with processing fee –  $721
3 FULL DAYS A WEEK WITH EXTENDED DAY – with processing fee – $1030
2 FULL DAYS A WEEK – with processing fee – $515
2 FULL DAYS A WEEK WITH EXTENDED DAY – with processing fee –$824

Please enter the amount for your corresponding tier and choose CommUnity Yoga Preschool for your Fund.

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Leave your name and email below along with any questions in the message box. Or you can call us during office hours at (804) 278-6489.